Ce projet est développé avec le soutien de la Région des Pays de la Loire

This project is developped with the support of the french Pays de la Loire Region


This project aims to create a multiplatform opensource software which allows both the design and the caracterisation of electronical linear circuits, using either a command-line interface or an attractive GUI.
It will replace professional softwares which may be either closed, expensive, too complex for education usage, or dedicated to specific software products (from either Texas Instruments, MicroChip, Linear Technology ...).
From the beginning, this software is designed to be used both with a commandline or with a graphical interface, to provide an easy integration in self-learning and self-evaluating environments.

Current status

We currently have alpha versions of a library of functions for the study of electronic circuits, a commandline executable which allows the analysis, synthesis and graphical characterization of linear analogic filters.
A version using a graphical interface is currently under development (Qt has been retained for now).
We also need to establish a documentation about the work we have made.
Next step is to improve modulability of our software to deal with other kinds of analogic circuits : not only filters, but also signal scaling circuits and oscillators.



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